Paranubes rum is produced from the wild fermentation of fresh pressed sugar cane juice. Paranubes is a pure cane juice rum, obtained mainly from the Criolla variety, with small percentages of Caña Dulce, Caña Morada / Negra, Caña Dura and Caña Amarilla / Criolla.

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Light and balanced smoke. Notes of passion fruit, pineapple and citrus. Bold in the mouth and balanced aftertaste. Fresh, green hints of agave, with sweet cooked flavors.

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Slight aroma of vanilla and lime, muddy and butter texture with floral and sweet tones. Dry and spicy finish.

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Aroma of cinnamon and anise, light and smooth, very well balanced, notes of dried fruit and poultry, sweet and generous finish. A unique spirit for special occasions.

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