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Discover both versions of Picaflor distillery: Espadin Joven and Wild

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Distillation copper pot
Region San Luis del Río / Mengolí de Morelos, Oaxaca,

Two Mezcal from two different production regions. Picaflor Espadín Joven is obtained from cultivable agaves while the "Wild" version is an assembly of Espadín and Madrecuishe, cultivated and wild agave.

Espadín is a fine and versatile version of Picaflor Mezcal. The "Wild", as the name implies, has a strong character. Both will surprise you, don't let them go!


Agave type: Angustifolia Haw (Espadin)

Range: Cultivated agaves

Distillation: Copper alembic

Region of production: San Luis del Río, Oaxaca.

Master Mezcalero: Virgilio Velasco

Alc. 47°-49 °


Agave type: Angustifolia Haw (Espadín) 8 years and Karwinskii Zucc (Madrecuishe) 14 years

Range: assembles cultivable and wild agaves

Distillation: Copper alembic

Region of production: Mengolí de Morelos, Oaxaca.

Maestro Mezcalero: Ramón Cruz

Alc. 47°-49 °

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